Papers presented at MODELS 2017

Our members presented the new results of the research group in Texas, USA.

– Csaba Debreceni, Gábor Bergmann, István Ráth and Dániel Varró: Property-based Locking in Collaborative Modeling, MoDELS’17, Austin, TX, USA, 2017

– Gábor Bergmann, Csaba Debreceni, István Ráth and Dániel Varró: Towards Efficient Evaluation of Rule-based Permissions for Fine-grained Access Control in Collaborative Modeling, CoMMitMDE@MoDELS’17, Austin, TX, USA, 2017

– Csaba Debreceni: Advanced Techniques and Tools in Secure Collaborative Modeling, ACM Student Research Competition@MoDELS’17, Austin TX, USA, 2017 (supervisor: Dániel Varró, co-supervisors: Gábor Bergmann, István Ráth)